Wednesday, 13 January 2010

One Piece of Paper!

An example of one of the posters appearing
across the Shropshire county.
One Piece Of Paper!
(is all it takes)

The very tools and means of revolutionary and underground anarchistic proselytism are at our very fingertips, if we will but only reach out and grab them.

If the winds of revolution are not to be felt on the streets, by such even as small and effortlessly placed a gesture as a flutter of sloganized affiche, I dare say they certainly won't be experienced by those indoors, curled up transfixed in their chaises longues, in front of that intellectually puerile opium of the masses - television.

The moment that it takes to read a simple statement, through word of mouth alone, can 
resonate with many of those of your time can reverberate through countless untold generations and have such subliminal power that the precious few seconds it took to put there are but a drop in the ocean compared to the effect that such a simple task can have.

"Reach one, Educate 100. Word gets around. We might win some copycats. We're just the fuse." - Jan, Die Erziehungsberechtigten (The Edukators), 2004.

Mighty Oaks didn’t just appear, but came from small seeds that had to take root and be constantly nurtured.

It might be felt that such efforts are useless, but think about it, even if their is the most minimal of return, if any, how much time does it really take out of our busy schedule? We might think we have absolutely no spare time, but prioritising, if done effectively, what is 'necessary' compared to what is 'wanted' - shows us to have more time than we truly ever realise, or in some cases want to admit - because that means acting.

As Mahatma Gandhi one said, 'be that change you want to see in the world.'

Wherever you are, we hope to be able to read you soon!


"We find it an affront to every unthinking pawn out there to have to come across, and be subjected to, such offensive and hate-filled propaganda! I am sure that whichever perfidiously subversive individuals that did this wasted but precious seconds that they could have spent catching up on the latest soap or Hollywood monstrosity! Scandalous!

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