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A Short Review of National-Anarchism: A Reader

A Book The State Does Not Want You To Read

A Short Review of National-Anarchism: A Reader
by Neil G. Hiatt

Coming in at just over 300 pages, Black Front Press' February 2012 publication, 'National-Anarchism: A Reader', was one of which I have been eagerly awaiting, and I'll start at the outset by saying in all honesty that I am far from disappointed.

Indeed, Ezra Pound, the notable poet and critic, once wrote that “Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree” and in my humble opinion, Black Front Press, in the release of this compendium of articles eloquently explaining the ideology of National-Anarchism by a number of authors, has once again certainly adhered to this maxim very well.

Many reviews I have read regarding other publications as of late have been of such length that they could constitute a short publication in their own right, and whilst I am an avid reader and personally welcome and sincerely enjoy delving into such lengthy critiques, I feel that the contents of this book speak for themselves.

It comes as no surprise that on the morning that I opened the package containing this volume I started to enthusiastically devour its contents with National-Anarchism being a current of thought that I have come to see reflect my own ideological perspective, being thoroughly disheartened with the party-political platform of which I have been involved for a good number of years.

It wasn't an easy thing to do, coming to the realisation in the error in my thinking that those years spent in the heartfelt belief that participation in the ballot box arena would one day make a difference. It hasn't, and the powers that be would never let it happen that way – but in National-Anarchism I found a well grounded and thoroughly considered alternative soaked in the morning due of reality, devoid of the hate and lies that are so prevalent in the futile and fraudulent system that is democracy. But this, the humanistic discipline and school of thought that is National-Anarchism and the myth of democracy, is the subject for an article in it's own right which I am currently working on, amongst others.

National-Anarchism is gripping people from all walks of life, political backgrounds, races and nations which is a testament indeed to its powerful and rational message. Indeed, I being vegan, an environmentalist, and an animal rights activist, I am working on a piece on how it attracted me and how these ideas are easily incorporated into its message.

The first thing that caught my eye was the aesthetically pleasing cover of glossy black encompassing the eye-catching classic two-tone black and white N-AM logo designed by Jeff Harrison, which is set between the striking red text of the books title and editor.

With the contents being pieces written by a number of authors as opposed to a singular you get a different fluidity of writing styles and perspectives which makes for an interesting read in itself which is ever changing and keeps the pages turning, more so I wager than they naturally would anyway.

As stated, the contents are a collection of articles by a variety of authors, some of which I have read before and some of which I have never come across. Had this release simply been a binding of articles on the topic of National-Anarchism that were freely available on the internet anyway I would still be enthusiastic and supportive of it as I honestly believe that such material collected into a single published volume would be a much needed and welcomed item, and if you're anything like me, it certainly saves on having a vast number of articles printed out and stapled all over the place, and also the fact that I much prefer a bound publication to sit with than spending hours mulling over texts on a computer screen. However, it also combines previously unpublished material which makes for an even more interesting venture. Included, amongst 11 other superbly written pieces, is the highly recommended N-AM manifesto alongside two excellent papers written by Josh Bates and Flavio Goncalves which I highly recommend in themselves to people new to National-Anarchism.

Other contributions come from writers such as Keith Preston, Welf Herfurth, Andreas Faust, Troy Southgate, the Tasmanian National-Anarchists, and Brett Stevens. These selected articles constitute a fine example indeed in regards to National-Anarchism in“presenting the world with it's own unique ideological vision” of which “every significant force in modern politics requires an essential text.”

Their have been a few ill-conceived and viscous lies made about National-Anarchism and it's adherents, predominantly by the hate-filled bigots, racists and fascists of the state operated Antifa camp, but these are extremely easily dismissed with only a small amount of personal research by those with the intellect to rise above such low level, room-temperature IQ slandering and hate mongering, as I have written elsewhere (Knowledge: A Perspective).

But, as the journalist, and literary and social critic Henry Louis Mencken has said, “Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood.” Nevertheless, 'National-Anarchism: A Reader' does a superb service to ensure as much as possible that this is minimised, if not completely put to bed - besides the opinions of those contentious and cretinous individuals with a deceitful yet ultimately dubious motive of their own.

I feel that if the message of National-Anarchism wasn't as powerful and rational as it is, exemplified in this truly dynamic tome that doesn't fail to impress, then the usual attack-dogs of the establishment would simply ignore it. It is truly a testament to it's uniqueness and well reasoned message that it is so reviled by the likes of such people you would cross the street to ignore.

Such detractors would do well to heed the words of England's first Jewish Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, whom said “To Be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge” and of course the theoretical linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky, when he wrote“If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion.” But for National-Anarchists, living in a world of comforting illusion is quintessentially impossible.

I wholeheartedly, sincerely, and highly recommend that you purchase of copy of this greatly required text, especially in the day and age of which we unfortunately find ourselves, as it genuinely “represents a fresh attempt to both educate and inspire a new generation of disaffected young radicals” - a target of which it achieves triumphantly and does a great service to the movement.

As it is written in the blurb of the book on its back cover, it is a book which is “brimming with original ideas and practical remedies” and “is the 'bible' of a new and dynamic phenomenon that seeks to transcend the superfluous and obsolete ideologies of 'left', 'right' and 'centre'. In a time when the West is beginning to crumble beneath the weight of its own hypocrisy, an undertaking of this magnitude has become more important than ever before.

My other book reviews generally discuss their contents in depth and at almost every point, but the blurb from the book itself pretty much sums it up well, besides the fact that I feel the contents truly speak for themselves and not wanting to give it all up here when the contents are concise and can and do a far better job in explaining the National-Anarchist stance than I can in such a short review which I have chosen to write.

The contents clearly and concisely explain the tenets of National-Anarchism and cover a wide variety of topics including such areas as politics, economics, humour, history, community, revolution, anarchism, the environment, zionism, education, semantics, race, philosophy and defence.

With the excellent material being written by National-Anarchist writers across the globe I truly hope that new additions or indeed future volumes will be published to incorporate such new texts that are increasingly being penned as you read.

These are both exciting, uncertain and scary times ahead on a socio-economic and political level and 'National-Anarchism: A Reader' does a fine job indeed in explaining the direction that inevitably needs to be taken – a phenomenal read and an essential text for both those new to National-Anarchism and those that are well read in it's ideology, that I trust you will not be disappointed with.

Each purchase from Black Front Press (where you can also find a variety of other excellent publications) comes signed and you can order your copy of 'National-Anarchism: A Reader', by emailing Black Front Press at

You can also find Black Front Press and the official National-Anarchist Movement group on Facebook for further details.

National-Anarchism: A Reader
Edited by Troy Touthgate
Black Front Press, 2012.
ISBN: 978-0-9570639-8-3

"Signed copies of NATIONAL-ANARCHISM: A READER are now available to order. The book is over 300 pages in length and costs just £17 to anywhere in the world (including postage). Our Paypal address is:

EVERY significant force in modern politics requires an essential text as a means of presenting the world with its own unique ideological vision. NATIONAL-ANARCHISM: A READER is perhaps no different, in that it represents a fresh attempt to both educate and inspire a new generation of disaffected young radicals. This book, brimming with original ideas and practical remedies, is the 'bible' of a new and dynamic phenomenon that seeks to transcend the superfluous and obsolete ideologies of 'left', 'right' and 'centre'. In a time when the West is beginning to crumble beneath the weight of its own hypocrisy, an undertaking of this magnitude has become more important than ever before. The contents examine a wide range of issues, including Politics, Economics, Race, History, Philosophy, Community, Education, Zionism, Defence, Revolution, Semantics, the Environment and Anarchism itself. Contributors include Troy Southgate, Keith Preston, Welf Herfurth, Flávio Gonçalves, Brett Stevens and Josh Bates."

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