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This page will be updated greatly in the next month and will, further down the page, rather than just featuring online articles, include highly recommended books for those interested in the National-Anarchist (N-A) perspective. There are also links to radio broadcasts and video casts on N-A. Please make sure you scroll all the way down the page to get the benefit of all the content.

Are you ready for the publishing sensation of the year and the book that the Establishment does NOT want you to read?  Then watch the below short video. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on the book.

Official N-AM Manifesto (Also in Russian(Must Read)
At the end of each section of the Manifesto, their is a highly recommended reference list for further research, reading, and study.

ABOUT NA Shropshire (NAMS-UK)
RADIO: The Growing Tendency of National-Anarchism by academic Keith Preston (Must Listen) - other shows here.
Troy Southgate
Richard Hunt
National-Anarchism & Race
Note On Racial Separatism
Also see the Lies about N-A page which discusses this also.
Anarchism of the Right by Keith Preston
The Spirit of Revolt by Pyotr Kropotkin
What Socialism Is from
Combat Liberalism from
Why Palestine Is Important from
Resistance the only way to Liberation! from
Some Pro and Con NA articles. Google should translate from Russian for you.

Are You Bored? Need Something More? See Below...

“Now this video takes about 4 minutes to watch, but hours to digest and to think about...  Great messages, great video; it’s up to the viewer what he does with it......”  – Welf Herfurth (Source)

Signed copies of NATIONAL-ANARCHISM: A READER are now available to order. The book is published by Black Front Press and is more than 300 pages in length and costs just £17 to anywhere in the world (including postage). 

Our Paypal address is: 

More details below.

EVERY significant force in modern politics requires an essential text as a means of presenting the world with its own unique ideological vision. NATIONAL-ANARCHISM: A READER is perhaps no different, in that it represents a fresh attempt to both educate and inspire a new generation of disaffected young radicals. This book, brimming with original ideas and practical remedies, is the 'bible' of a new and dynamic phenomenon that seeks to transcend the superfluous and obsolete ideologies of 'left', 'right' and 'centre'. In a time when the West is beginning to crumble beneath the weight of its own hypocrisy, an undertaking of this magnitude has become more important than ever before. The contents examine a wide range of issues, including Politics, Economics, Race, History, Philosophy, Community, Education, Zionism, Defence, Revolution, Semantics, the Environment, Anarchism itself and more. Contributors include Troy Southgate, Keith Preston, Welf Herfurth, Flávio Gonçalves, Brett Stevens and Josh Bates.
An Anarchist FAQ

Marxism vs. Anarchism

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