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National-Anarchism and Religion

National-Anarchism and Religion

According to Wikipedia:
“Many National-Anarchists reject Judeo-Christianity as incompatible with National-Anarchism because they argue it is a slave morality that usurped Mithraism as the historically dominant religion of the West.  They therefore embrace various forms of neopaganism, occultism and ethnic mysticism as genuine expressions of Western spirituality, culture and identity — which can serve as an antidote to the socially alienating effects of Americanized consumer culture — and hold volk autonomy as the ultimate barrier against the cultural of globalization.”
It is true; most fellow National-Anarchists I know tend to follow a Neopagan religion.  But, what of those who do not?  Let us take a look at two different National-Anarchist groups, “Tasmanian Autonomous Zone” and “Folk and Faith”:
“Odinism impels us on the upward path to the next stage of our spiritual and physical progress.”
“We are defenders of our noble European ancestry and of the orthodox Christian faith.”
The first group follows Odinism, and the second group follows Orthodox Christianity.  This is just an example of the diversity that National-Anarchism holds for people of different values.
But, what of a different question: what religion most-accurately fits National-Anarchism?
It is an interesting question.  I’m sure that, in one way or another, every N-A group would have a response to this question.  Some would say Neopagan, some would say Christian, some might say just plain Atheism, or no religion.  I personally follow Wotanism (this is the founder of NTNA speaking;  fellow members do not necessarily follow this belief system), which I believe to be perfectly compatible with National-Anarchism.
But, as stated before, which religion is most compatible with National-Anarchism?  It is an open question, and while I’ve asked it, I do not intend to force beliefs down anyone’s throats.  Thus, I will leave it at this.  Religion is a state of mind, a state of being, of folk.  Any religion is compatible with National-Anarchism, when you really start to think about it.  Religion unites people, it brings them together.  Whether you believe in literal God(s) or believe them to be metaphors/archetypes on how to live life, you cannot deny that a strong, useful purpose of Religion can be to unite people.  It gives them a sense of belonging, a sense of character, a certain sense of morality.  But at the same time, Atheism is perfectly compatible with National-Anarchism, because you do not necessarily “need” a belief system to have morality, of course.  But back to the point.
No matter what religion you are, embrace it.  Stand tall and proud.  Try to find other National-Anarchists with the same beliefs as you, and try to form a group if you can (like I’ve said, not everyone in a N-A group has to follow the same religion).  Religion is a proud, powerful thing.
No matter what religion you follow, never forget that.

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