Friday, 30 December 2011

National-Anarchism and Tribalism, Decentralization, etc.

National-Anarchism and Tribalism, Decentralization, etc.

If you are reading this, I’m sure you know that National-Anarchism advocates decentralized, stateless tribalism.  It advocates tribalism based on ethnic and cultural lines, but also on religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, etc.  If you look at different races in the United States (and I’m assuming in most of the world), they seem to naturally assimilate into different communities with people of their own race.  This is but an example of tribalism already in effect.  This is good, because when you’re trying to advocate for National-Anarchism, then people can actually relate to what you’re saying.  But let’s discuss another issue:
How would a decentralized, National-Anarchist society form?
Well, one could argue that if you take away the state, then because of the modern way people form groups with their own races, that people would be fine.  Okay, sounds good to me.  But what about food, supplies, etc.?  It just wouldn’t work.  In my opinion, it’s a serious question that has several possibilities of going about.
1) Revolution occurs in the United States.  The US government is overthrown and a new government is unable to successfully form, so people  give up and decide to set up their own ‘governments’, going back to simple, ‘green’ living, some maybe generate their own power, grow their own food, etc.  This would be a disasterous (famine, etc.), yet very plausible, scenario.
2) National-Anarchist advocates create mega-communities throughout the US, and openly secede.  The US government would almost immediately attempt to crush them, and they might be able to, unless the communities are either too large or are too many in number to crush.  Then, the US government would begin to collapse.
Either way, the scenario seems disastrous for the people of the United States.  I would, personally, much rather have the second scenario, because it would be a lot more peaceful.  I can’t really say what would happen if either of those scenarios were to take place, as I’ve never been in that situation.
My only hope is that National-Anarchism can come about peacefully.  I know that this article hasn’t really had a point, other than being my own thoughts at the moment, but I hope you found it interesting, nonetheless.

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