Friday, 30 December 2011

The Need For Third Position Unity

The Need For Third Position Unity

We are at a dangerous time in this world.  The Liberal-Zionist Media continues to infect our world with disease and decadence.  Both the Right-Wing and Left-Wing movements have failed us.  It’s time for unity between the various Third Position groups: National-Anarchism, National-Bolshevism, and National-Revolutionaries.
While we all disagree (to a degree) on how Government should be run, we are united in our struggle to save this world.  We have common goals, values, morals. If we don’t unite now, then each of our movements are, to be honest, a lost cause. We are indeed growing, but not at a steady-enough rate to make a difference on a large scale.  Only by uniting can we hope to accomplish and bring about a true change in the world.
Join in hand with your fellow Comrades.  Our time is now.  Let’s make a difference today.

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