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Organizing for the Collapse

Organizing for the Collapse

THE State has been heavily preoccupied with establishing alleged links between ‘far right extremists’ and proto-terrorist activity for many years. There was John Tyndall’s well-publicised japes with the Spearhead training group during the 1960s; Tony Malski’s fictitious plot to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival; the involvement of Searchlight agent-provocateur, Dave Roberts, with Column 88 during the early-1980s; and the National Front’s non-existent collaboration with Arab terrorists in 1988.
The fact that there remains little or no truth in any of these orchestrated assumptions does not necessarily mean that racial separatists have been successful in avoiding the dangerous and incriminating trappings of paramilitary activity, it simply illustrates the fact that we have not done enough to clarify our position with regard to this highly controversial topic. As a revolutionary current, any consistent failure on the part of National-Anarchists to deal significantly with this issue would be totally inexcusable. It is time to assess the modern climate and modify our strategic approach accordingly.
The first question we must ask ourselves, is whether conflict between National-Anarchist revolutionaries and the State is inevitable? I have already dealt elsewhere with the futility of the ballot box and the electoral tactics of organisations like the British National Party (BNP) and Ian Anderson’s renamed National Democrats (ND), but is our own alternative of organic growth within the community really enough? It is a fact that community action initiatives can lead to the creation of a new social, political and economic order which can actually undermine the old regime. Indeed, once we cease to rely upon its bureaucratic institutions the State will become increasingly superfluous to requirements and eventually be swept aside. But is this really enough?
Recent developments leave us with little doubt that the ruling class will employ the full militaristic might of its extensive and highly-trained armed forces in order to deal with any threat to capitalism’s ongoing exploitation of the people. Those who fail to perceive this fact have no right to be involved in the anti-capitalist struggle, and that includes activists and supporters throughout the whole left-right spectrum. It is obvious that the clandestine forces behind the super-rich global empire will never relinquish their immense power and influence without a fight to the death. Creating a counter-culture or, indeed, a counter-power structure alongside the existing system is a basic necessity, but looking at current trends realistically, there is to be no peaceful or purely political solution to the multifarious ills of modern society.
So if conflict does seem inevitable – at least for those of us who have not managed to found our own communities elsewhere – what form is it likely to take? The answer to this question cannot be instantly culled from a revolutionary’s pocket catechism, we are clearly not in control of the future direction of society at this stage and must simply approach each situation as it comes along. On the other hand, the scenario most likely to affect England’s largest towns and cities will be one of chaos and disorder. As more and more people are classified, identified, categorised and basically regarded as non-consuming denizens of a growing underclass, it seems fairly certain that these outsiders will constitute the new revolutionary bedrock from which will we shall carve our resistance to the machinery of the repressive State.
Multi-racialism is going to play a large part in the disintegration of the societal fabric, a fabric that was never going to be woven together by the liberal agents of ‘political correctness’ and ‘positive discrimination’ in the first place. Blacks will side with blacks, asians with asians and – faced with increasing economic hardship and criminal activity – whites will seek protection, solace and respect amongst their own kindred. It will always be the case that chaos inadvertently contains the redeeming elements of sanity and redemption, and this unifying spirit will engender a common identity and enable people to pull together and fight back.
This scenario is not designed to sound romantic or over-dramatic, it is a realistic interpretation of how National-Anarchists will emerge from the ruins of capitalist society.The petty bourgeoisie can have their barbecues, their satellite television and their fitted kitchens for now, but they had better make the most of them. The black clouds of war are beginning to gather overhead as England begins to enter its death-throes, and it is up to us to prepare the way for victory during the inevitable conflict that will undoubtedly ensue. But where do we begin?
The means for the preparation of revolutionary combat already exist, and are there to be exploited. Let’s examine three areas into which National-Anarchists should be integrating themselves with the specific intention of gleaning some vital knowledge for the future:

1. Physical Fitness

The materialist age has undoubtedly led to an increase in human vanity and an egotistical search for ‘the body beautiful’, but at least both the facilities and the opportunities for physical development have increased accordingly. This country has thousands of sports centres, track and field associations and gymnasiums, and there is no reason why National-Anarchists cannot use such places to improve themselves physically. Whilst the masses sit in front of their television screens, stuffing their faces and belching intermittently between mouthfuls of rancid kebab, we must embody the age of the Warrior and the New Man. If you are unfit, then do something about it. Stop smoking; cut down on excessive drinking; try to eat the right food; find out how you can join other National-Anarchists on camping or hiking weekends; and, most importantly, stay active. To be healthy in body, of course, is to be healthy in mind.

2. Self-Defence

The individualistic, dog-eat-dog mentality of capitalism has almost extinguished the final vestiges of neighbourliness and respect that remain. The violent and the deranged think nothing of stabbing or shooting somebody in the street for the price of an ounce of cannabis, and in many areas neither young nor old can walk the streets without fear of attack. For women, children and the elderly, the situation is considerably worse and rapists, child molesters and other sociopaths find it easy to prey upon the weak and vulnerable. But once again it is possible to counteract this trend by improving oneself in terms of getting to grips with self-defence and unarmed combat. Whether it be kung-fu, judo or kick-boxing, learning the basic skills of self-defence is a prerequisite for the coming age of struggle. As society continues to crumble, we will have to form vigilante groups and police our own communities. Social disintegration leads to a growth in gangland activity and one only has to look at countries like Russia and Albania for examples of how a major economic catastrophe can lead to organised crime. When the time comes, it may be necessary to secure food, electricity and water supplies, and we must control the streets in order to defend ourselves, our families and our property.

3. Further Activity

If revolutionary activists are forced to defend themselves and their families from the faceless mercenaries of the State – and this includes the police, army, landlords, tax collectors, bailiffs etc. – then they must become familiar with the means to do so. It is worth noting that if you can spare one evening a week and just one weekend every month, then why not join the Territorial Army (TA)? The TA pays its volunteers the same rate of pay as a regular soldier, so by taking advantage of the situation you can actually be paid and trained by the State to deal with its consequences.
These three options are not suitable for all National-Anarchists and we have always maintained that we can incorporate differing attributes within our flexible range of interests. However, all able-bodied people should think very seriously about improving themselves in one way or another. The outcome of these initiatives cannot be foreseen, but as England steadily decomposes amid the gradual collapse of liberal-democracy, none but the most organised and prepared will arise in triumph to retake their claim amid the shattered ruins.

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